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200 PROOF® Ultimate Doe-In-Heat® 2 oz

200 PROOF® Ultimate Doe-In-Heat® 2 oz


In 1984 Buck Stop discovered that estrus doe urine collected from a special period of the estrus cycle was twice as effective in luring in bucks during the rut. Hence the name 200 Proof. This product was the first of the special collection estrus urines

200 Proof is best used during the pre-rut and breeding phase of the rut cycle. Use on drag rags, scent bombs, treat scrapes. Enhances rattling and grunting. Use 10-12 drops in 3-4 places around stand site


Customer Reviews:

Dan Kadzban  (Thursday, 13 November 2014)
Rating: 5
Hands down the best Doe-in-Heat Scent I have ever used. Whether I have it on scent wick or on a drag pad, 200 Proof is the scent I use to bring in the
deer. If you don't have a bottle of this, get some!

Ed   (Friday, 31 October 2014)
Rating: 5
Buck Stop 200 Proof The Ultimate Doe-in-Heat Buck Scent has worked for me over the last 15 years. Used as scent bombs placed on each side of my tree
stand, it calls in bucks close for an easy shot every time. This year it worked 15 minutes after application and I bagged a 8 point buck. I was

gary  (Thursday, 24 January 2013)
Rating: 5
I have been hunting for over 35 years and have been using scents nearly as long and it is a big part of my hunts but does not take the place of
scouting and trying to pattern the deer on your property ,when i first started using scents i tryed different brands with all the hoopla claims and
had good results with some , you can tell if it works by watching how deer react to it, does and small bucks can tell you a lot,then i noticed over
the years as these companys grew larger the products stopped getting a reaction from smaller deer and even started spooking some ,i know using the
proper scents at the correct time makes a big differance,but this was not the case,this product works great and i have watched deer cut my trail,and
follow the scent i had put out like a bloodhound, not once but a lot of times , i use it and the gland u lure and they both work great, i lay down a
sent trail with the gland u lure & use the 200 proof on scrapes or put out bombs, and have had great success have seen lots of deer and killed a
big 8rn point and a really nice wide spread 7 point , that had their nose in the air looking for the lure, Thanks BUCK STOP I am so glad to find a
product that works again, i will be restocking next year as we only have 7 days left this season, i am also looking forward to trying some of the
other products you sell,sorry i made this so long a post but I am SOLD on BUCK STOP! THANKS AGAIN THIS STUFF IS GREAT!

James Doolittle  (Monday, 30 January 2012)
Rating: 5
Without a doubt one of the best doe in heat scents on the market. I buy doe in heat lure every season and after trying this I have no need to try any
other brands! Very awesome....

jlodholtz  (Tuesday, 04 October 2011)
Rating: 5
I couldn't have my wall mounter without this product. Use it every year.

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