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Making Scrapelines Featured

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For years successful hunters have know that using a mock-scrape system has increased buck sightings during hunting season. Now that mid-september has arrived its high time to get the scrape lines set up. Mature bucks will visit old scrapes year round. As a buck ages or as bucks are removed from the herd, territories change. We all know of a spot where scrapes appear every year, these are prime areas to set up a mock-scrape line.

 There are several benifits to setting up mock-scrape lines, one is that they help deteriman where to place a stand, another is that it will start natrual scraping earlier in your hunting area. These mock-scrapes are perfect for a trail camera setup to look at age class of bucks visiting your mock-scrapes.


Check your hunting area for last years scrapes, field edges, wood lines or any change in what I call a boarder be it a swamp, a two track road in the woods, or any other features that break up the natural terrain are great places to check for old scrapes. Once you find a old scrape, you are in the right area to set up your mock-scrape. You can just re-freshen up the old scrape for starters by removing all ground litter such as leaves, branches, grass tuffs. Place one of Buck Stop's non-rutting buck urine's, in the scrape add several drops of urine to the overhanging branch. Next look for a over hanging branch 4-6 foot high with in 30 yards of the old scrape. Scrape up the ground under this branch, you can use a rake branch or rattling antlers to do this. Set 3-4 mock-scrapes in a line. Check and refresh as needed. It is not uncommon to only have only 1-2 of the scrapes activated. These active scrapes are prime place to hunt.


Once the rut kicks in and you find a hot scrape place a mock-scrape with in a deers visual range of the natural scrape. Use one of Buck Stop's rutting buck urine's along with one of our estrus urine's. Leave the natural scrape alone and just re-freshen the mock-scrape. This method is deadly.

Products that work for mock-scrapes.

Guide Grade Scents, 200 Proof, Ruck'N Buck, Surpreme Buck, Mate-Triks. These scents can be found in the store section of this website. 


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