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We at Buck Stop get many questions on the best ways and times to use different scents. Hopefully this column will help answer some of your questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here, you can e-mail Buck Stop at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will post your question along with our answer. We will be updating this page frequently so check back often.

QUESTION: When is the best time to use estrus type scents?

ANSWER: This is our most asked question, estrus scents like Mate-Tricks Doe-In-Heat, 200 PROOF, Guide Grade Scents Doe-In-Heat scents can be used any time the bucks in your area have shed their velvet. The prime time would be the 4 weeks prior to the peak of the rut in your area. The second best time is the post rut period.

QUESTION: What scent should I use in a mock-scrape?

ANSWER: Any kind of buck urine works well, Buck Stop's Ruck'n Buck or Guide Grade Scents Rutting Buck urine work extremely well during the peak of the rut, our Supreme Buck urine or Guide Grade Scents Non-Rutting buck urine work well for opening scrapes or playing the role of a young buck infringing on a dominate bucks scrape.

QUESTION: What is the best scent to use when sitting in a tree stand?

ANWSER: The hunting pro's here at Buck Stop recommend the following, Buck Stops Rack-koon scent, or one of Buck Stops Masking scents. You don't want a buck looking up at you when you are sitting in a tree stand. If you place a deer attractant at your sitting height you invite the deer to look right up at you. Always use a scent eliminator when hunting out of a tree.

QUESTION: What is the most powerful cover/masking scent?

ANSWER: Buck Stop's Skunk scent is by far the most powerful cover/masking scent, just a drop or two will do. There is a big misconception concerning skunk scent being a warning odor. True skunks spray when threatened, however a small amount of skunk scent is very attractive to many animal species. TIP: Trappers have known this for years and rely on skunk scent to attract fur-bearers to trap sets. A couple drops added to a scrape will drive bucks crazy.

QUESTION: How is the best way to use food lures?

ANWSER: Food lures work by appealing to the deer's instinct to feed. They are continuiously look for new food sources. Food lures often arouse curioristy to find the source of the appealing smell even if it is not native to the area. Apple, Acorn, Sweet Corn scents are best place exactly where you would like the deer's nose to be. The back side of a tree is a good location as the tree blocks the deer's ability to see any movment from you the hunter. Apple scent in a oak woods is a great choice as it is the sole source of the scent. Acorn scent in a oak woods is a great cover scent when there are lots of acorns on the ground, and a super lure on low acorn crop or after most acorns have been eaten. Food lures can also be used on other species like bear and hogs.

QUESTION: How is the best way to lay a scent trail?

ANSWER: Scent trails are a prime way to use Buck and Doe urine's. The scent trail gives a strong scent for deer to follow while masking any un- wanted human scent. The Buck Stop pro's recommend that you use a drag rag over just appyling to boots. Scent trails can be as long or as short as you want. We recommend that you reapply scent the last 50 yards to stand. Then hang drag rag in tree near stand. Store the drag rag in a plastic bag when not in use.

QUESTION: What is the best scent elimination system to use?

ANSWER: The system need to start with the body. Wash with Scent Stop Body Wash before hunting. Wash hunting clothes in Scent Stop Laundry Soap and store them in a sealed container. Buck Stop's Scent Stop laundry Soap is safe to use on all styles of hunting gear even carbon clothing. Spray Scent Stop Human Scent Eliminator on a rag and wipe down hunting equipment like bows, quivers, tree stands. Spray hunting clothing prior to walking to stand and again when ready to hunt from stand.

QUESTION: What makes Buck Stop's estrus scents better than other brands?

ANSWER: Buck Stop was the first scent company to offer these scents and perfected the collection process which is used by the industry today. Our deer urine's come from a single collection point where we have complete control over the process ensuring it freshness. Many of the other scent company's buy from the same source.