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Eric C 10pt Eric C 10pt Eric C 10pt

Buck Stop Pro-Staffer Eric C tags big 10pt with 200 Proof.

Eric has a passion for hunting big bucks. Last year he bagged a large 8pt that had responded to a call and Buck Stops 200 Proof Doe-In-Heat. Well this year is a repeat of last year. While hunting Buck Stops property Eric rattled and bleated with a Quaker Boy Bleat-in-Heat can call. Shortly after wards he heard a crash a fence line. The big boy had come a courting. The buck marched across a hay field coming downwind of his stand. At about 80 yards the buck detected the 200 Proof Doe-In-Heat smell. The buck stood smelling the wind current trying to figure where the doe was located. Starting to lose interest the buck put his head down and started to walk. Being desperate Eric used the bleat can once more, upon hearing the estrus bleat the buck whirled and headed right to Eric. At 25 yards the buck gave Eric a good shot. The rest is history.

NOTE: This is the second trophy buck Eric has taken out of Buck Stops owner Brian Johansen's stands. 2 years, 2 buck, with 200 Proof.

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